Cap2i participates in cryotherapy innovations

News published by Paul Meinvielle the 07/12/2020 | Updated 07/12/2020 at 10:51
Cap2i participates in cryotherapy innovations

The scientific advances in cryotherapy allow us to highlight the beneficial effects of cold on our physical and psychological well-being. Aurore Concept contributes to the democratisation of this technology by manufacturing cryotherapy chambers in wind chill of -110°C. Thanks to its internal scientific department and the collaboration of several university scientific teams, it now offers innovative solutions in the medical and sports sectors.

Aurore Concept calls upon the services of Cap2i for the definition and realisation of the cooling system of their chamber.

This collaboration led to the definition of a modular cooling system for a fixed and mobile application with temperature rejections by air or water as well as heat recovery solutions.

The combination of our expertise in our respective fields has enabled us to develop a high-performance and innovative cryotherapy room.

Tests of the prototype over several weeks confirmed the correct operation and thermal efficiency of the solution with a room conditioning in 30 minutes and a flow of 30 patients per hour.

Cap2i was able to meet the specific needs of Aurore concept by providing modular refrigeration systems dedicated to their application with thermal performances exceeding their expectations. We are proud to be one of the innovative players in the field of cryotherapy alongside our partner Aurore Concept.