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Test bench
Defense, Industry
Sectors : DefenseIndustry
Precision hydraulic or aeraulic monobloc conditioning system. These solutions are designed for the functional verification of your applications during manufacture and/or during the product life cyc...
Adsorption dryer
Defense, Nuclear
Sectors : DefenseNuclear
Solution for drying compressed air through an adsorbent with dew points as low as - 40°C. This equipment ensures a minimum weight of water in the air for the needs of your electronic systems in a...
DTP packaging system
Sector : Defense
On-board oil conditioning system on land or naval systems. These solutions are designed to cool heat transfer fluids (DTP) for the proper functioning of electronic equipment. They operate under se...
Floor conditioning system
Sector : Defense
Air transportable oil conditioning system. This solution works by connecting to your on-board electronic equipment on the tarmac or in operation. These systems are designed for the burn-in and con...
Military air conditioning system
Sector : Defense
Customised monobloc air conditioner with direct expansion of cooling capacity from 0.5 kW to 300 kW. This equipment ensures the maintenance of temperature and humidity for Shelter applications, ten...
Monobloc air conditioner
Sector : Defense
Normal emergency air conditioning system for military radar antenna and radome that can operate with severe electromagnetic constraints.