The nuclear industry requires a complex and sensitive operation in its various processes. From enrichment to reprocessing, including the production of nuclear energy, safety is a fundamental element in the control of these processes. Thus, the equipment dedicated to the nuclear industry must meet this essential requirement in order to ensure the continuity of the site's operation.


Subjected to extreme conditions defined by the nuclear safety standards, our turnkey refrigeration system solutions with a life span of more than 30 years meet the specific constraints of the sector:

- Withstand extreme climatic situations: snow, wind, tornado associated with their projectiles

- Performance under extreme conditions: EMC environment, electrical and positive and negative temperatures...

- Robustness over time: climatic, electrical, functional and irradiation aging.

- Resistance to accidental situations: explosion, earthquake and irradiation


They also meet the requirements of traceability and documentary follow-up during our industrial manufacturing.

Our turnkey solutions for air conditioning and fluids are integrated in nuclear power plants, production plants, waste reprocessing plants and research centers.

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