A young a solution

News published by Jihed Mooty the 14/12/2021 | Updated 16/12/2021 at 22:22
A young a solution

On December 8th, the first edition of the Inclusion Meetings was held, organized by FACE Yvelines, to celebrate the first 100 companies to sign the program "Les entreprises s'engagent Club des Yvelines", in favor of inclusion and professional insertion.
On this occasion, Cap2i presented its commitment to work-study programs with the intervention of one of our apprentices, Beder Ahmed, recruited thanks to the mentoring of the 100 chances, 100 jobs program, and of our Production Manager Mikael Marion.
Apprenticeship is a practice that has been developed in the company for many years, so much so that two of the members of our Management Committee have completed work-study programs at Cap2i.
We currently employ five students on work-study programs, which is more than 10% of our workforce.
Beder Ahmed was put in touch with Cap2i in June 2021 by the PTCE Vivre Les Mureaux and FACE Yvelines who were following him as part of the mentoring program organized by the association 100 chances 100 jobs.
Beder was looking for a work-study contract for a vocational baccalaureate in energy and climate systems maintenance. He had the agreement of a school but was having trouble finding an employer. He came for an interview with Mikael Marion, and went around the workshop. He seduced everyone with his enthusiasm.
We hired him at the beginning of September and since then he has been alternating between different jobs in the workshop (assembly, piping, electricity) and in the test cabin, and occasionally accompanies our fitters for commissioning and after-sales services at our customers' sites.
The objective is that, at the end of his apprenticeship, he will have mastered all the facets of the job and will then develop a real expertise.