The temperature and humidity control solution dedicated to the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud

News published by Paul Meinvielle the 19/10/2021 | Updated 19/10/2021 at 13:51
The temperature and humidity control solution dedicated to the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud

Founded in 1101 on the borders of Anjou, Touraine and Poitou on 13 hectares, the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud is the largest monastic city of the Middle Ages. Within its walls are the remains of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France and England, and of her son Richard the Lionheart. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the abbey has been a cultural center since 1975. Every day, it welcomes visitors, artists in residence and conference participants who appreciate the preservation of its heritage, the exhibition of contemporary art and the various cultural events.

The Abbey team was looking for refrigeration equipment that would meet the requirements of art conservation for the temporary exhibition room in the Abbey's Novitiate. The temperature and humidity requirements were 22°C 50% +or-5%.

The ITHERM CONSEIL design office called upon Cap2i to design and manufacture a fully integrated air handling unit with an air flow of 10,000m3/h and a thermal power of 55 kW. As the equipment is located in the attic of the Novitiate, the installation of the equipment was constrained by the size of the windows of the room where it would be installed.

Based on our experience in museums, we created a dismountable solution in 3 blocks with a total dimension of 4050x900x1950, meeting the required temperature and humidity conditions.

Our dedicated solution works with the new refrigerant R513A adapted to this type of environment and meets the requirements of the energy and ecological transition. The solution is also equipped with 2 energy recuperators on the fresh air and on the treated air, allowing a reduction in electrical consumption as well as a gain in power of 11 kW in winter and 35 kW in summer.

The Cap2i teams are very proud to participate once again in the conservation of cultural works in this architecture charged with history and to bring their expertise to a project of reconversion of a cultural hall.