Innovative solutions to face the energy challenges of datacenters

News published by Paul Meinvielle the 29/04/2021 | Updated 29/04/2021 at 16:02
Innovative solutions to face the energy challenges of datacenters

The electricity consumption of data centers is equivalent to 5% of global consumption, which represents 3% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Their carbon footprint is higher than that of aviation and is expected to double every 4 years.

Air conditioning and cooling systems alone represent 40 to 50% of the energy consumption of data centers. Faced with these challenges, Cap2i has developed an offer dedicated to datacenters with the objective of significantly reducing their electrical consumption and their environmental impact.

KDDI offers global solutions for telecommunications and hosting of IT infrastructures. Having rehabilitated old offices to create a datacenter with 8 computer rooms in the 11th district of Paris, their need was to control the temperature and hygrometry of the air renewal while being constrained by the building's electrical power.

CAP INGELEC, which is in charge of the project's project management, chose the Cap2i Air Handling Unit, which operates with all new air. This solution brings the control of a constant temperature and a minimum and maximum water weight thanks to a management program of the regulation adapted in all seasons. This equipment includes plate heat recovery units with a very large exchange surface and adiabatic cooling on the extracted air. These technical elements make it possible to save up to 145 kW at temperatures of -10°C in winter and to reduce the cooling capacity of our air handling unit by 25% in summer by using energy recovery.

Thanks to our dedicated solution, KDDI is able to perfectly control the temperature and hygrometry of the incoming air with a low power consumption equipment.