Eco-responsibility at the heart of Cap2i's commitments

News published by Paul Meinvielle the 09/03/2021 | Updated 09/03/2021 at 13:12
Eco-responsibility at the heart of Cap2i's commitments

Eco-responsibility integrates environmental impacts into the decision-making criteria for the improvement and management of all processes.

Taking into account the ecological impact of the products and services we offer our clients, Cap2i continuously improves the energy efficiency of its solutions as well as their carbon footprint.

90% of our suppliers are based in France, 30% of which are located in the Ile de France in order to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. In addition, we favor suppliers who adhere to our values such as SCHNEIDER Electric, ranked as one of the most sustainable companies according to Corporate Knights.

In the continuity of these actions, Cap2i designs and manufactures solutions using new low impact GWP refrigerants such as R454C, R32 and R1234yf. These new fluids enable to meet the new environmental requirements and reach the same level of performance as the more polluting fluids.