Cap2i a historical player in the telecom sector

News published by Paul Meinvielle the 08/06/2020 | Updated 09/06/2020 at 14:50
Cap2i a historical player in the telecom sector

During the deployment of a large satellite dish in Qatar, Metracom, a company specialising since 1986 in the supply of telecommunications systems and the installation of earth stations around the world, was looking for a cooling solution to maintain the temperature of the antenna.

Our experience in the field of civil telecommunications at ORANGE and military radars at THALES or SAAB allowed us to offer them an adapted technical solution with two autonomous air handling units.

These systems, with a cooling power of 5kW and outdoor conditions of up to 50°C, blow cooled air onto the electronics at the heart of the antenna via a closed-circuit duct network.

The "normal/emergency" functionality of these units as well as the reliability of our autonomous cooling systems located several meters high ensures that the temperature of the electronics is continuously maintained while meeting restricted accessibility constraints.

CAP2I thus ensures full availability of the antenna and operability of the telecommunications system.